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Wasted Image, an Electro/Rap group from San Diego, CA. They consist of three brothers from the same mother: D Spray (Dustin Ray, writer and vocals), Jesse J (Jesse Ray, producer, writer and vocals), and Boy Wonder (Zachary Ray, writer and vocals). They started creating original music in late 2010, since then they have had many successful performences and put out multiple fresh and innovative songs. All their music is written, recorded and produced independently. They are currently working on their first full length album, “Certified Freshness”, which will be released later this year. Show them some love and hit them up whenever on Facebook.

Hello Nerds of Earth! We are Rocket Me Nowhere (Mark Scissors & Nick Sabin). I hope our music gives your seizures seizures. I also hope you blast it so loud that your neighbors call the cops and when they arrive you all have a dance party. Rocket Me Nowhere is much more interested in you becoming our friend than you being our fan. So don’t be afraid to talk to us cause we are super friendly and have already gone through puberty (which we brag about often). Check out our website and friend us on Facebook.

Multi-instrumentalist/Composer Nick Vandenberg grew up in the hills of West Virginia and graduated from Ohio University with a BSS in Music Composition and Media Arts in 2004. Since that time he has sought to expand his musical knowledge by studying with a wide variety of teachers including Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, and members of Yo Yo Ma’s SIlk Road ensemble, Mark Suter and Sandeep Das. Nick is currently based in Chapel Hill, NC where he composes music for film and television and is the creative director for New Relic Media, based in Cambridge, MA. Nick composed the CLUED-Less theme song, which you can listen to here!